Open to anyone with an active real estate license, the Ebby Referral Associates Group is a great way to earn income while building your business or continuing to serve your friends, family or neighbors.

While you are living your life, you can still use your database and sphere of influence to receive real estate commissions. Associates of the Ebby Referral Associates Group do not engage in the real estate transaction, they only send buyer or seller referrals to Ebby Halliday or through the firm’s affiliation with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, the nationwide broker-to-broker relocation network. 
The referral fee is 25% off the top of the total commission on the referred side. For example:
$400,000 sale price x 3% = $12,000
Referral fee is 25% of $12,000 = $3,000
Referral Associate split is 80% of the 25% referral fee, or $2,400
Ebby Alumni Group, Inc. split is 20% of the referral fee, or $600
Fee Structure:
  • $100 annual fee
  • $20.60 fee to transfer license to TREC
  • No local, state or national association dues
  • No errors and omissions insurance or MLS fees
  • MCE/SAE education must be kept current
The Ebby Referral Associates Group is open to anyone holding a Texas real estate license — not just former Ebby associates. To find out how to become a part of 
our referral team, contact:

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