About Me

My professional experience and work ethic has prepared me well for a successful career in Real Estate. I have vast organizational and managerial experience through my years in banking, non-profit, community leadership and owning a photography company. I understand and embrace the level of commitment and hours of hard work it takes to accomplish goals, even on a daily basis. The complicated process of real estate transactions involve many different levels of preparation, planning, analysis, foresight, investigation, problem solving, patience, endurance, and most of all, communication. These are all areas I have become expert through my years of being a professional and I will always bring my best to each client and transaction to uphold my reputation and good name. It is my nature to find great reward in helping people and families find their dreams and security in the form of a home. A house is very personal and where life happens and memories are made.

  • Born and raised in "Big D"
  • Attended The University of Texas in Austin
  • Happily Married for 25 Years to a TX Aggie
  • Raised 2 Beautiful Tri Delta Daughters
  • Have a Precious Yorkshire Terrier "Marie"