Lance Hancock

Associate, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

About Me

You’d expect professional researchers to perform their due diligence before endorsing someone. So it says something about Lance Hancock’s work as a Realtor that more than one department head at UT Southwestern has recommended his services to the medical school’s new recruits.

Lance, a lifelong Dallas resident who graduated from Highland Park High School and SMU, has been listing and selling residential real estate since 1990. But over the last 10 years, he has developed close relationships with leaders at UT Southwestern, helping them recruit doctors and scientists to Dallas. This work has become a key focus in Lance’s business; he loves spending time with medical professionals who are new to Dallas and introducing them to the city’s cultural, historical, and economic vitality.

“Lance’s infectious, genuine personality and knowledge of the area as a Dallas native gives him an edge that is unique,” said David Mangelsdorf, chairman of the Department of Pharmacology at UT Southwestern. “He is not just a Realtor but a truly effective recruiter of anyone considering a move to the Dallas area. I was so impressed with the way he handled our personal home-buying experiences over the years that I made him the exclusive Realtor for my department’s recruiting efforts.”

Lance joined Dave Perry-Miller & Associates in 2001 and has consistently been among the company’s top producers. He was named to Dave’s advisory council by his peers two years in a row and enjoys helping establish and develop standards that shape the company’s future. Lance’s attention to detail, his overt interest in his clients, his love of community, and his proficiency with the many facets of a real estate transaction have enabled him to establish a loyal client base throughout the Dallas area.

“Residential real estate is such a personal business,” Lance said. “I really enjoy getting to know my clients and their families. I want them to know they are getting a good value and that someone who really cares about them is representing their interests.”

Outside of work, Lance is a founding member of the Dallas Symphony Honor Guard and serves on its Board of Governors. His fundraising activities include service to the Dallas Theater Center, the Dallas Zoological Society, and the Dallas Conservatory at Park Cities Dance. Lance is a devoted father to four incredibly wonderful children, playing an active role in their education and extracurricular activities.

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