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Kevin has a 25+ year career in executive roles with blue chip companies such as Fidelity Investments, Arthur Andersen, and IBM.  Serving as a Managing Partner,  he was the lead negotiator on multi-million dollar projects for design and build of customer contact operations and facilities around the world.  Kevin’s team lead all aspects of programs including operational design, often including site selection, acquisition,  and buildout of facilities.   TCI Inc., The Mutual Group (Canada), Telecel Portugal, PNC Corporation, and Great American Insurance were among his world-class clients.

He was also Senior Vice President of a major ($1BB) strategic customer care outsourcing firm, responsible for negotiating and managing major corporate client programs in both domestic and international facilities.  His role included strategic consulting to help “C” level executives make multi-million dollar buy versus build decisions for their operations.  His clients included Verizon, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Charter Communications.

Kevin most recently managed a $22 million/year business in the Health and Fitness Industry.  He was a hands-on leader who understood that personal emotions and insecurities were subtle, yet powerful influences on the customer’s decision to join, and ultimately have success in his clubs.  This role included the design, buildout, and operationalization of two $5mm clubs in the Washington D.C. metro area.

Kevin’s promise to his clients at Ebby is to listen and understand the influence of both heart and head in their decision to buy or sell a HOME.  He knows his role as a guide who also manages the details.  He understands that communication is of paramount importance, and he truly loves the work it takes to earn and maintain a client relationship.

Kevin is a long time Dallas resident and currently resides in, and serves as an HOA President of a South Preston Hollow property “behind the pink wall.”

  • MOM Certified - US Military on the Move Certified Military Specialist
  • 5522 Stanford Avenue Dallas, TX 75209 - Image
    Stanford Avenue Dallas, TX 75209
  • 6141 Bandera Avenue 6141B Dallas, TX 75225 - Image
    Bandera Avenue Dallas, TX 75225
  • 3809 McClintick Road McKinney, TX 75070 - Image
    McClintick Road McKinney, TX 75070
  • 5447 Bonita Avenue Dallas, TX 75206 - Image
    Bonita Avenue Dallas, TX 75206
  • 6327 Bandera Avenue 1-A Dallas, TX 75225 - Image
    Bandera Avenue Dallas, TX 75225
  • 6036 Averill Way 6036B Dallas, TX 75225 - Image
    Averill Way Dallas, TX 75225

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