Jonathan Donalson

Associate, Williams Trew

About Me

Many of Jonathan’s friends and family describe him as an old soul, wise beyond his years. He prides himself on having a relentless work ethic, being a good communicator and independent thinker, and thinks outside of the box to find solutions for his clients. 

For Jonathan working in real estate was a path that was a merging of his upbringing and his passions. He has always had an appreciation for the arts and good design. Jonathan learned firsthand what it meant to be a realtor from his mom, who was an agent for the majority of his childhood. His parents remodeled several investment properties, which sparked the interest for Jonathan to do the same after college. In college, he studied art and design before changing his major to marketing and entrepreneurial studies. In many ways, it feels like Jonathan was destined to work in real estate. 

When Jonathan isn’t working for his clients, he enjoys: spending time with his family and his sidekick, Porter (his Brittany Spaniel), volunteering at Christ Chapel, traveling, collecting wildlife art and renovating houses for a new generation of home owners. 

Jonathan is imaginative, punctual, patient and driven to find the best outcomes for his clients. He makes himself available at any time for his clients and truly enjoys spending quality time with his clients to get to know their story and help them find the best possible outcome. 

If you are looking for an energetic, hardworking and passionate realtor then you need to contact Jonathan today. 

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