About Me

My name is Afton Merritt and I am a Realtor living and working in this great city of Dallas! I work with apartment leasing as well as real estate transactions on both the buyer's or seller's side. I am passionate about my work and ensuring you are represented well with intelligence, strength and integrity. I will dedicate my time and expertise to ensure you Love Where You Live.

I am no stranger to moving as I grew up living in 12 different cities around the east coast, midwest and the south. I graduated from Baylor University and landed in Dallas where I began my career and love affair with this city. In addition to my love of Dallas Real Estate, I am also a dog-mom of three, a Game of Thrones nerd, an avid yoga practitioner and teacher, a foodie who loves to cook and an advocate for homeless youth.

No matter your passion, Dallas is a city where you can find something for everyone - from a fun night out in some of the best restaurants to learning about history and different cultures in one of the many museums. The opportunities here are endless.

Whether you are looking to lease, buy or sell, I would love to be your agent! I consistently update my education and knowledge through Texas Real Estate Commission approved classes and remain intimately aware of market changes and fluctuations in the DFW area. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you!